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AW APP 190 Smooth
 AW SA G Black Cap
 GAP Base Sheet
 TPO GAF Everguard 60 MIL 10'X100'
 Granules Black - 5 Gal
 Wood Fiberboard - Prime Red - 2sides 1/2" 4x8..(90 per bundle)
 Standard Asphalt Primer, 5 Gal
 Drip Edge 1.5" X 1.5" Steel Galvanized 10FT 
9' Roller Sleeve, 3/8' Nap-RC9-3/8
AW APP 190M Black
AW SA G Base, 25 per pallet, (AW)
All Weather Underlayment High Temp -Non Skid- SA 2sq Roll
Granules Weathered Wood - 5 Gal
Flashing Cement, 5 Gal
1 x 2 Drip Edge Economy Grade 10FT 
Caulk gun, smooth rod skeleton
AW APP 190M Cedar Blend
AW SA G Hickory Cap
All Weather Nail Underlayment PreCut 48"X250', 56 per plt 
Granules White - 5 Gal
Asbestos Free Plastic Roof Cement, 5 Gal
Drip Edge 2" X 4" Steel Galvanized 10FT 
9' Roller Frame
AW APP 190M White
AW SA G White Cap
AIM #540 Premium Non-Fibrated Aluminum Roof Coating, 5 Gal
Drip Edge 2" X 2" Galvanized 10FT 
Asphalt Aerosol Primer, 1 ea
AW APP 190M Weathered Wood
AW SA G Weathered Wood Cap
6" Counter Flashing 26 GA 10FT 
Hook Blades for Utility Knife, 5 per pack
AW SA G Cedar Blend Cap-36
4”x4”x8” Pre-bent Step Flashing Economy Grade (100ea per bundle) 
Retractable Utility Knife
4”x4” 90 Degree Angle Flashing STD GA 10FT 
3-1/2' Spud Bar
20" X 50' Economy Grade Roll Valley
5' or 7' Round Nose Trowel
Modified Gravel Guard 6" (2.5"Face) STD Galvanized 10FT
2" X 4" Metal Double Fork Roller-CR021001
1-5/16 X 1-3/4 Silicone Roller-CR050201
Spray Flashing Paint, Black, Hickory, or Weathered Wood - 12 oz
Sweeper Magnet 14' or 30'
Paint Brush, 3" or 4"
40 oz Giant Blue Denim Pin Mop
1' Round Head Metal Cap Nail 50#
1 1/4' or 1 1/2' Round Head Metal Cap Nail 50#
Torch Kit, KP-414M-H AP-140M

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