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Roofing is in my blood. My father was one of the first importers/manufacturers of modified commercial roofing and has continued to manufacture it and other roofing material for over 50 years. In addition, several members of my family started in distribution more than 10 years ago.


All my life I heard all the terms used by the roofing industry and heard my family discuss the greats in the industry. We would even try to name the type of roofs we saw from our hotel windows while on vacation. I worked off and on in family companies during high school and after college I knew I wanted a career in the industry, so I pitched the idea to my father and RPA Roofing Supply, LLC was born. With RPA,  I hope to not only continue in the family tradition, but to forge my own path and leave my own mark. I love people and selling roofing is a way to help them because we all need a roof over our heads, whether for our business or for our home. The type of roof matters and RPA can help with this.


We strive to sell the best material and offer the best service at the best price to contractors large and small alike. Chances are you may have done business with some of the family companies in the past (CET Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio). Rest assured, I will provide the same service, quality material and low prices. Although our location is relatively small, we are located only 45 minutes from the manufacturer of our rolled goods and can ship directly to you from their location. Come by and have a cup of coffee with me and let me show you what RPA has to offer.

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